UX trends

UX trends to follow in 2020

2020 may have had its crisis as of yet, but there hasn’t been shortage of trends this year either. Among all trends that have caught the limelight, only the UX trends would have to matter for designers and online business owners as a necessity.

If you were to go by the UX design trends that we have had so far this year, you would be upscaling things rather than revamping them. We clarified that notion right here so that you are not too worried about making too many changes.

Every year, there are design trends that contribute to the overall user experience and it is imperative that every designer and every business owner keeps an eye out for such trends.

Keeping to the topic, we have to go through this post that could possibly act like a ‘UX best practice bible’ for you and your business. We think you could possibly start with a few of the 2020 design trends to get a hang of the best UX practices for the coming year.

The role of design in the overall UX 

Design could be referred to as the storefront for all your products and services. It is more or less the reason that you would make a sale or acquire a customer in the first place.

Although we can ramble about functionalities and the value offered by the product, all that relates to your business domain and that would have to be too specific.

The reason that we focus on design as the most pivotal part of all the user experience trends is the fact that you can focus on the design part and alter it without having to worry about your business domain at all.

 Top UX trends this year

We went through a lot of user reviews and opinions and a lot of statistical analysis before we reached a conclusion regarding the best UX practices that became a trend this year.

You can follow these trends and make your users have the finest interface and hence the finest experiences just like the BlackJack Online or you can ignore and rely on cupid to bring your customers to you.

The whole concept of these trends is not unidirectional. There are things related to sliders and there are things related to picture border CSS too. So, you can look through the trends and find those that you can follow and make the most out of.

1.  Add meaning to your design

They always talk about the Gestalt theory when they talk about simpler aspects contributing to a larger cause. Design is no abomination either. You have to think about the bigger picture and not just the beautification aspect.

Design is something far more than just a nexus of graphical memorabilia to make the text seem catchier. It is a contribution towards the journey that a user experiences with your business.

You need to make sure that your design conveys messages that are perceivable to the eye and to the thoughts. That can help with branding and promotion of your business domain.

2.  Animations make it all better

We always emphasize on making a website user friendly even when we talk about themes and plugins. The reason? User experiences make your business gain its worth and branding.

How about adding animations that usually make the user’s experiences better? That is what we want you to focus on this year. It is just like adding ribbons to the counter on the storefront.

Now, one thing that you need to keep in mind when opting for animations would be the user’s hardware capabilities. You should not aim for 4k or something too glittery to even show up.

Keep the animations in the range that the average user can enjoy and then rate. Moreover, balanced animations don’t slow down your website either. Win-win?

3.  Asymmetry suits better

We think that the digital arena has also fallen in love with the scientific phenomenon of super-asymmetry rather than symmetric arrangement of visual assets.

We also know the reason. Symmetry, at times, becomes too common or maybe even boring. Arrangement may sound like sophistication and all, but symmetry makes designs look dull.

We know that dull things can only attract a very little fraction of the audience. They might even think of your store as ‘out of fashion’ and kind of dejected relative to the common trends.

You should go with asymmetry and maybe split screen tactics this year for your business website. These two features ought to make your website way more trendy and up to date!

4.  Bordered Images make a mark!

If you think that stray images were quite a thing back in time, that was back in time! Now, it is more like a continuing trend to use bordered images instead of floaters or mingled ones.

If you want to know how you can upscale your website’s design with borders, you can surely get to know that here! It is all about border image CSS helping your design and website outlook as a whole.

You can surely opt for a border image generator to help you with adding borders to your images the way you want and that can be done through any software, although we have a recommendation as well. Try the Border Image maybe?

5.  Harmonious Colors

If your website design lacks color harmony, it might look like a messed up color palette. You should focus on making things look more harmonious and connected.

2020 also requires something colossal to add more optimism to the current situation. If you can construct your website in a manner that adds spice to the viewer’s insights, you might end up scoring too.

6.  Human writing

With the design, there is also an opportunity to make things better suited to make an impression. Human writing is one way to make things spicier. It helps users believe in your content and your domain.

Human writing makes sure that the message that you intend goes noticed. You just have to make sure that your writing language and linguistics are suited to human reading. Hence, no robotic tones!

7.  Typographic Overlaps

Remember the trend that made bold headlines and highlights the order of the day? It’s continuity comes in the form of headlines that make a mark with the first interaction.

You have to make sure that the important highlights of your content are typographically overlapped. In that manner, the content is noticed and always conveys what you want to be conveyed.

8.  Custom Navigation

In functional aspects that correlate with designs, you have to make sure that your users get to have a say in what they want to see. In common language, you have to let them navigate through your content on their terms.

This would require you to give them a customized navigation option that would help with navigation around the website and its content to all users that come your way.

9.  Full Screen Visuals

How do the graphics look better than they already are? The new trends indicate that full-screen options for graphics can help add momentum to the cause.

You have to let the users have an immersive experience by letting them experience the graphics in full display and as a part of the whole design mechanism.

That would not only make your graphics prominent and better in ways of performing, but also help with the part where you can effectively convey your content’s message easily.

How to make the most of these trends?

Not every trend has to be tailor made for you. That is what we have for you as advice. You might think that you need every trend to grow, but it is on the contrary.

You need the trends that suit your website. You can’t possibly go with asymmetry if you are running an online store. So, navigate and choose wisely before you start following a trend.