The all-new border-image plugin

The all-new border-image plugin

We had been operating with an image border generator previously, but we always look to evolve, and hence, we thought about creating a plugin to make the whole CSS border-image generation process simpler.

The whole concept of an online tool that could help you create an image border CSS code that could be added to your site separately was more or less a little confusing for a few people to execute.

We thought about simplifying the whole process and eliminating the need for adding the code manually to the backend of your WordPress website with the introduction of an image-border plugin.

It is an improvement on our online tool that helped you with the creation of image borders to add to elements on your website. It, being a plugin, makes the whole border generation process easier and smoother.

The new border-image plugin

The new WordPress plugin is meant to make the whole border-image generation process simpler and easier. It was a challenge for us at the firm to bring out the full character of our tool into our plugin, and we are glad that we could materialize it.

The border image WordPress plugin is based on the same technical mechanics that formed the basis of our border generator tool, it only adds to its value.

Our border image generator plugin is easy to install and allows you to add image borders to elements on your website. You can customize all the border parameters inside the plugin interface even without technical expertise.

It allows you to deal with jpg, jpeg, and png images. You can alter all border parameters within the plugin and then use the generated CSS code anywhere on your site.

The plugin is created with Gutenberg kept in mind and that makes it perfectly functional on your WordPress website with or without Gutenberg in place.

Why do you need a border generator?

When you need to add image borders to elements on your website, you don’t want to allocate a dedicated resource with knowledge of coding and design to write the custom CSS for you. Do you?

We think it is better to have a border generator to perform the task of creating a custom CSS code for adding image borders to elements on your website. And even better, the border generator could be a plugin to make things easier.

The plugin is simply installed to your WordPress website and allows you to add customized CSS image borders to elements and especially, images on your website.

How to use the plugin?

You just need to install the plugin from the WordPress plugin gallery, add it to your website, and that’s it. You can start generating the CSS code for image borders from the get-go.

You can specify the parameters for the border and the plugin will generate a CSS code for you to add to your website wherever you want to add the border. Easy, isn’t it?


We are delighted that the Image-Border Plugin is finally on WordPress. Install the plugin and start adding image borders to elements on your website now.