Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Business Websites In 2020

Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Business Websites In 2020

Maintaining a business website with the ever-evolving changes is not easy. However, if you have a WordPress website, the task could be a little easier, thanks to a range of plugins that have got your back.

From helping you keep pace with SEO-friendly techniques to letting you stay in touch with your visitors – you can find a WordPress plugin for almost everything. 

So, if you have recently updated your WordPress to the latest version and are looking for the best plugins to complement the update, this article is for you.

Here is a deeper insight into the best WordPress plugins that you must have.

Best WordPress Plugins

Border Image Plugin

Creating or adding the border to an element is tough, but not with Border Page Plugin. 

If you want to add a special focus to a particular element on your web page, use the border image plugin now instead of creating the shortcode yourself. 

The plugin is easy to use and serves the purpose just right. Just click on Plugins and ‘Add New’ from the left side menu and search for this plugin. Install and activate the plugin to use. Generate the shortcode by filling up your respective parameter. You can use this shortcode in standard as well as Gutenberg editor to wrap your content with borders. 


Must-Have WordPress Plugins

If you are a business, blogger, photographer, or a service provider and need to collect your visitor contact information, forms play an integral part of your website. This is where WPforms come to your rescue.

With WPforms, you can easily drag and drop WordPress forms into the website. The plugin not only helps you integrate forms to your website but also provides wonderful analytics features like entry management, spam protection, and much more. 

Moreover, this plugin is easy to embed and responsive to all screen sizes. 


WordPress SEO plugin

We are sure you would have heard of this plugin before. But what does it do? As the name suggests, it works as an SEO expert for your website. It helps your website rank higher in search engine results. 

YoastSEO helps you ensure that your content is SEO-friendly, contains the right tags, and is readable, while also ensuring the proper keyword density.

Some of the features of the plugin are title and meta description templating, XML Sitemaps functionality, schema implementation, breadcrumbs, SEO analysis, readability analysis, FAQ and Howto block, and much more. 


Must-Have WordPress Plugins
Must-Have WordPress Plugins

This is one of the best plugins for WordPress that is a must-have to keep intruders at bay from your website. 

Sucuri will not only help you get rid of bugs on your website but also fixes a hacked website, monitors it, cleans it, and provides SSL support, load balancing, and much more. Its basic pricing plan starts from $199.99 and includes professional, custom, and business pricing plans too. 

Just search for it in the plugins section to get it.


UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress plugin is nothing less than a helping hand that will handle your website backup, set schedules, and even restore the backup directly from the control panel. Not only this, but it also helps in cloning and migration of website, pre-update backups, provides more database options, provides lock setting, and makes your websites free from ads. 

It provides both free and premium services to its users. The premium package comes at $42 a year and comes with other diverse pricing plans too. 

Visitor Counter Plugin

Visitor Counter Plugin for WordPress

For calculating your conversion rates, it is important to know your daily traffic on the website. 

This free Visitor Counter Plugin for WordPress is the best to get your hands on. 

It is easy to use and set up and requires no third party interference. Just download it and use it for free and also get a lifetime license to use this plugin. Isn’t that kind of them! 


A slow-loading website is a bummer and takes away all your hard work. Therefore, Nitropack is a must-have WordPress plugin if you want to have a fast website. 

It will streamline all your slow loading website issues like bad speed scores, unoptimized images, and a lot more. 

To get started, all you need to do is enter your website URL on the Nitropack website to test it. Thereafter, it will solve your speed loading issues with its vibrant features like CSS compression, faster painting, browser aware caching, optimization reports, and much more. 


After calculating the visitor count and optimizing your website’s speed, now your website needs to grow its email list and build its social appearance. 

For this, the Raffelpress WordPress plugin will be at your service. This plugin will help you gain website traffic and social media followers by organizing various giveaways and campaigns on your behalf. 

This ultimate social media tool will make your digital marketing effortless, all thanks to its amazing features like drag and drop giveaway builder, viral sharing, social media integrations, giveaway templates, and much more. 


wordpress chat plugin

A human chatbot is another prerequisite of a good website. This LiveChat plugin will let you connect with your customers better. 

It provides a free 14-day trial and omnichannel messages to communicate with your customers well. Its cheapest pricing plan is $16 per month. 


WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites

WooCommerce is the best WordPress plugin for eCommerce websites. This WordPress plugin will help you create your eCommerce store from scratch by creating storefronts, social media integrations, diverse building blocks, and much more. 

This plugin by Automatic is best to look out for building eCommerce websites. 


Akismet WordPress plugin

When everything on your website is set up perfectly, the only thing that bothers is the spam comments that can destroy your website’s reputation in minutes. 

Akismet WordPress plugin aims at eliminating these spam comments from your website every day. You can sign up for Akismet in three simple steps to activate it. 


 website security plugin

Wordfence is a simple website security plugin that uses an endpoint firewall to protect your website instead of the cloud firewall. Wordfence claims that the cloud firewall is subject to data leaks, whereas the endpoint firewall restricts the attacker from entering altogether. 


WordPress website builder plugin

If you are looking for a WordPress website builder plugin in the first place, Elementor will help in building perfect websites for everyone in any field. 

The good news is you don’t necessarily have to be a developer to get started with it. It has a great theme builder, attractive popup builder, 80 design elements that will create a unique website of your own in few easy steps. 

Great example is this casino bonus site that has been created using Elementor.

Site Kit by Google

Site Kit WordPress plugin

This WordPress plugin by Google acts as a site kit for your website that provides insights into how customers view your site. 

This Site Kit plugin is a one-stop solution of various Google tools that can be accessed through a single dashboard. It is close to an Analytics tool that provides stats related to website performance, posts, etc. 

Also, Site Kit is an open-source plugin that can be used free of cost to discover insights from Google tools like Adsense, PageSpeed insights, and Search console. 

Your Turn

So, these are all the must-have plugin for WordPress business website that will keep your website top-notch, up to date, and holistically suitable to perform better.