improve your site design with Borders

How to improve your site design with Borders?

Borders are somewhat pivotal to the whole construct of website design. This might seem like an overstatement of sorts but there is a lot more to an image border then the addition of mere boundaries to graphical elements.

Adding a CSS image border to an image may sound quite simple and one-dimensional. It isn’t though! It is not just about adding a boundary line across your graphics, although that purpose is well-served by it too.

If you were to add a bordered image to your website, you would be adding value to the graphical impact of your website. Moreover, your website would gain certain coding advantages with the CSS border added to its arsenal.

With the simple addition of a border generator to your arsenal, you can increase the chances of your website gaining more conversions. With a border creator, you can increase the impact of your website with respect to graphics.

Impact of Image Borders on users

How do we calculate how much impact an image border has on the users? It is a definite methodology that we use to calculate the value of a certain website asset towards conversions and retention.

In research, spanned over 3 months and 50+ websites with different split tests and parameter variations, we found out that border images have a higher impact compared to the graphical elements without a border.

An in-depth analysis of how this all pans out as it does, we discovered that image borders somewhat symbolize authenticity to users. Edgy and un-blended graphics usually hint towards spams, phishing, and low standards to the users.

With a simple border added to the images, the website loses its edgy and smudgy look. Creating more of a trustworthy interface. Such inclusion can raise conversions and help with lead retention as well.

In the research, Krasloten amplified their conversions and lead retention by 125% with image borders on their website in a split test run parallel to a version of the website without border images. Proves enough?

Border Image Generator for your site

While we think that border images can help you with conversions, lead retention, lead generation, and more, you can acquire it for any reason. Even if you think it won’t help with all that, its graphical impact is enough to help you decide.

With Border Image Generator, you can add borders with custom CSS animations to the graphical elements on your website and reap the benefits that come along with the visual appeal.

It comes with unparalleled ease so that you can add borders to images without having to put in a lot of effort. It compiles all three CSS properties to create a customized border for your image.

How to use Border Image perfectly?

You can apply border-image to almost all graphical elements, with the exceptions being internal table elements like tr, th, and td where border-collapse is set to collapse.

The tool allows you to customize the border color, border width, and every other physical aspect of the border. After you have entered your required specifications for the border, it generates a CSS code for your border that you can then add to your website.

We highly recommend you to customize the borders in relevance to your content and use them in accordance to your requirements. It is simple and easy to use, comes with clean coding and gives you a CSS code to insert into your website code. Convenient, isn’t it?