WordPress developer for your project

How to find the perfect WordPress developer for your project?

We all know it is not a tough ask to work on WordPress for the creation and customization of a website. Let us tell you, we all know the wrong fact. It is not easy to create the perfect WordPress website without the perfect WordPress developer.

We know how easy it is to create a website using the 5-minute theme installation procedure and we know the ease in the customization process courtesy of the different drag-and-drop page builders.

These one-click installations and drag-and-drop page builders might have brought ease to your simpler tasks over WordPress, but you might still find many issues that you can’t resolve on your own.

With every technical platform, there are certain technicalities and operable functionalities that need a dedicated learning period to learn and master.

You might know how to add a new divider between two elements on your website’s homepage, but you will need an in-depth knowledge of WordPress to boost your website’s overall performance.

You might solve a few problems on your own, but you will have to find a WordPress developer to perform the complex functions within the domain of website maintenance and optimization.

Why do you need a WordPress developer?

As we discussed earlier, you can easily customize the apparent operabilities and visual appearance of your WordPress website with drag-and-drop mechanisms, but you will need an expert for complex problems.

WordPress is the simplest and the most efficient Content Management System and that is the reason many people think they can master the art of optimizing their WordPress websites and maintaining them.

You need to find WordPress developers for optimizing your website’s performance and upscaling its operable features and functionalities to the point where it is near to perfection.

Your website is a mix of a lot of features. You need unparalleled designing, exclusive marketing, and articulate optimization to be classified as an exceptional business website.

For the website optimization part, you might be able to install themes, customize the appearance, add plugins, and run troubleshoots for your website. Those are the easier things. But the tough part is optimizing your website’s performance and making it perfect.

You need to find WordPress developers to help you with that particular part. To hire WordPress developers, you need to know what you are looking for in a developer first.

WordPress requires skills in HTML, PHP, and CSS in the majority. A little bit of Javascript is also required and with those skills on hand, you are pretty much ready to take your website to perfection.

Finding the perfect WordPress developer

You might not know what to look for in a good WordPress developer or you might not know where to look for the developers in the first place. There’s a lot you might not know.

You don’t need to hire a full-blown, full-time resource to handle your WordPress development issues and tasks. We think you can hire someone on a Freelance basis and that would serve you better.

We think it is better to find a freelance developer because you can find someone who has the right skill-set and you can choose the one who serves your economic boundaries well too.

You just need to make sure that you get a resource that can help you keep up with trends and optimize your WordPress website to the point where it’s just perfect.

We have 4 places you can go to in order to find the right developer for your WordPress website. Scroll through and find the one that suits you best.

  1. Freelancer 

Just like any other great freelancing platform, Freelancer is just the right place to find a resource for your WordPress development project based on your requirements and budget.

It allows you to post your job and specify your requirements for a suitable freelancer. You can then choose the freelancer that best fits your requirements.

It is easy to use, safe for payments, and an awesome way to higher people in freelance capacities. You can always find better-skilled people with lower demands.

Just sign up, post a job, wait for the right freelancer, collect your work, release the payments, and you have got your work done without much hassle. 

Although make sure you choose the right project type and the right freelancer for the job. Release payments upon project completion and don’t ever ask for free work on the platform.

  1. Upwork

Formerly ODesk, Upwork has risen to heights of freelance popularity in recent times with the payment protection and measures for identity proofs that it implements.

Upwork is an online freelance platform that allows you to perform the act of recruitment based on your preferences and choices. You can put your job on the platform and then wait for freelancers to apply to it.

More than 80% of recruiters find a suitable candidate within 24 hours of posting the job. You can specify your requirements with regard to skills, language, availability, proficiency, and rates.

You can choose between a fixed price or an hourly contract and with Upwork’s time tracker application that tracks time, screen activity, and computer activity in the logged time, you can be sure that an hour paid is an hour worked.

Upwork takes a commission from both the hiring and the hired parties for the job. It is 20% for projects under USD500 and reduces down to 10% for higher amounts. 

  1. WordPress Jobs

What better place to place your resource requirements for WordPress developers than the WordPress jobs platform itself? You can post your job on the platform, and we are sure you will find the right resource.

Anyhow, it is a community job board and not a lot of people would perfectly trust the authenticity of the job or the hiring and payment process, but still, it would be worth a shot.

A lot of WordPress developers do visit the platform, but the community board makes it a little tough to find the right person and have them on board for the project.

  1. Codeable.io

If you want to know the place where WordPress developer jobs would get the quickest and the most appropriate applicants, it has to be codeable and no other platform.

With most of the world’s finest freelance developers being on the platform, you can be sure of finding the right WordPress developer for your project as well.

It is basically the place where you are meant to enter and ask for a WordPress developer and many would come running to your job post. It is where people look for WordPress freelancer jobs

Just sign up, add your requirements and project description, hire the one that you find the most appropriate for the job, and pay the agreed amount and leave them a nice review. That’s how it is done.


Just go with any of these platforms to find your WordPress developer and get started with revamping your WordPress website to better suit the digital fronts.