Choosing the perfect WordPress Hosting for your casino site

Choosing the perfect WordPress Hosting for your casino site

Casino site affiliation can be highly lucrative and a lot of fun. Meanwhile, there are some challenges, like choosing the affiliate site or WordPress hosting. You probably want to run your casino site fast and secure legitimately with no worries about hosting.

Hosting on WP Site

WPBeginner site receives millions of page reviews in a month, and it is the largest free WordPress resource site. It has helped more than 20 thousand users. This website has been affiliated with the  WordPress hosting companies for years.

WPBeginner is a goal-oriented site, and it offers to share insights on things you must consider when choosing a WordPress hosting company for your business. 

You will also love these minimalist WordPress themes for 2020 if you are looking forward to making the most out of your online existence.

To help you choose the best hosting for your casino site, we have hand-picked some of the hosting providers after a side-by-side comparison of some top hosting companies on WordPress.

The problem

It is getting difficult to find a host that provides stable speed to run your gambling niche website. Some hosts may not accept casino related websites on their servers. 

Moreover, with faulty hostings, you will be experiencing a lot of errors and of those errors, the 508 is a tricky one. If you witness error 508 in WordPress and you have no idea what it is, check it out here

You don’t need to worry because we have reviewed the WordPress hosting providers below; they are friendly towards their servers’ gambling-related websites.

Web hosting is an essential component of every successful website. Mostly it is overlooked, which can harm your site’s reputation. Choosing the best-suited hosting for your site can improve SEO and increase your site’s traffic for enhanced sales leads. 

Different types of WordPress hosting options are available such as VPS, Dedicated, Shared, Managed, and Free WordPress hosting. Check out this Casino Website from Japan if you want to know what perks an awesome hosting service gives you.

You can see the table below to check out our hand-picked list of best WordPress hosting companies. 

Checklist for Choosing

Before starting with the list of hosting providers, we think it is essential that you go through your needs and features you desire from a WordPress hosting company:

  • Firstly, the host must accept casino related websites.
  • It should provide a high-performance speed.
  • Hosting should be reliable, with no downtime.
  • Security features.
  • It should support the latest versions of PHP.
  • Accessible management for WordPress features. 
  • Hosting should have an expert and reliable user support system.

Adding to that, you should also have the best Business plugins for WordPress in 2020 to go with a great hosting service. 

We have a few great services for you right here!


Bluehost started in 1996 and is one of the oldest WordPress hosting providers. Bluehost has managed to make itself the most massive brand name. They are officially recommended by ‘WordPress’ for hosting providers. 

Bluehost never lets you worry about the website being slow despite a lot of traffic. You get 24/7 support from experts via email, phone, or live chat. They are ranked as number #1 in WordPress hosting, especially for small online businesses. 

On top of it, BlueHost is offering WPBeginner users a free domain, free SSL, a free site builder with templates, and an exclusive 63% discount.


SiteGround is also highly rated and very popular among the WordPress community for providing a suitable hosting for websites. They will make your website very fast and secure by in-house WordPress speed and dynamic security solutions. 

They are well known for expert support 24/7 in the industry. ‘WordPress’ officially recommends this hosting provider to its users. SiteGround includes many excellent features like automatic updates, CDN, one-click staging, built-in caching, and GIT version control.  

This WordPress hosting offers location hosting with six data centers in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the USA. Furthermore, it is offering a 63% discount, especially for WPBeginner readers. 


HostGator is also a famous WordPress hosting provider in the industry, with over 8 million domains worldwide with WordPress’s single-click installation process. It offers a time guarantee with a comparative surety. It has a 24/7 support system accessible via email and phone. 

HostGator is a smart choice for owners of the website. It turns out to be the best hosting provider for businesses. HostGator is offering an exclusive 62% discount, free SSL, and a free domain name for the readers of WPBeginner.


DreamHost has been the favorite choice for many websites for about 18 years now, and it is well known for making WordPress hosting very easy. You can get a custom dashboard via DreamHost. 

It provides you with unique features like one-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and free SSDs to make your website double fast. 

DreamHost has managed to reach the position that they now power and host over sixty thousand websites and blogs. Another benefit of DreamHost is that there are no setup fees, and you also receive a free domain. 


GreenGeeks achieved to shine its name in the WordPress hosting industry. GreenGeeks has a stunningly fast performance for websites. It offers a 24/7 universal support system and a platform responsible for environmental factors. 

GreenGeeks allows one-click automatic WordPress installation, and it manages updates, offers enhanced security, free migration for your sites, and free CDN. They are giving you a choice of five location-specific data centers. 

GreenGeeks hosts and powers over fifty thousand websites, and customers love the working of GreenGeeks. Moreover, GreenGeeks is offering a 60% off discount along with a free domain name and a free SSL certificate for WPBeginner readers.

Final Word

We will now leave you with a final bit of advice for choosing a WordPress hosting provider. Always go through their terms and conditions thoroughly and if you find anything against the casino sites, contact them.

Be aware that you should not launch your site on a host that is not friendly and has the latest stunning features.