CSS !Important

CSS !Important – What Is Its Importance?

CSS !important is one of the popular go-to rules that most developers use. It is easy to use and provides a quick fix to many CSS issues. And the next thing you know is — it is used everywhere, resulting in spaghetti code.  Too much of anything without any proper considerations ought to become a […]

Best UX/UI Bootcamps to Learn Design Online in 2020

Best UX/UI Bootcamps to Learn Design Online in 2020

The demand for digital products by consumers has forced companies to look for skilled designers and developers who can create these products for them. With the advancement in technology, BLS predicts that the employment rate for UX/UI designers will grow at a rate of 14% between 2018 and 2028.  If you’re looking to get into […]

Best Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your Page Rank

Best Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your Page Rank

The biggest problem content creators face is that Google continually changes its algorithm to rank websites more efficiently. As a result, what you were doing one year ago might no longer be as effective in ensuring your page comes up high in the search results. But one thing that stood the test of time is […]

Keyword Rank Checker

SEO Tips: Free Google Keyword Rank Checker

So, you are done with the website designing? What’s next?  Understanding keyword ranking, we would say. It will set you up for success in a major way. When a user enters a search query in Google or any other search engine, the algorithm of the search engine determines the order to rank the search results. […]

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer: Optimize Images for Search Engines

Whenever we talk about SEO and website maintenance, content comes under consideration. Among all the content, images are the hidden stalwarts and without an image optimizer on board, you are missing out on a lot. Your website is a mix of everything, text, graphics, and your approach. If you are lacking in any one aspect, […]

Gradient Borders And Border Images In CSS

Websites are the face of the Internet. If you want to take advantage of any digital revenue, your website has to be up to date and have the extra shine it needs to attract visitors coming and again.  The fundamental of website styling as any web developer would know starts with CSS. CSS libraries get […]

UX trends

UX trends to follow in 2020

2020 may have had its crisis as of yet, but there hasn’t been shortage of trends this year either. Among all trends that have caught the limelight, only the UX trends would have to matter for designers and online business owners as a necessity. If you were to go by the UX design trends that […]

css in 2020

What Is New In CSS In 2020

The upcoming features of CSS 2020 have generated a lot of buzz in the design community. With the COVID situation, the release for a lot of features has been postponed. But fortunately, we can take some insights from last year’s CSS reports and try to predict what new additions will come up. A Shared Collaborative […]

Enhance Your Blog Posts

How To Greatly Enhance Your Blog Posts Using Images

You will agree with us that CSS border-image makes your website look good, but what about your blog post? If you manage a blog, you would be well aware that your expert writing skills are not enough to receive wide acceptance of the audience. Even if your blog contains tons of original and interesting-to-read content, […]