Best UX/UI Bootcamps to Learn Design Online in 2020

Best UX/UI Bootcamps to Learn Design Online in 2020

The demand for digital products by consumers has forced companies to look for skilled designers and developers who can create these products for them. With the advancement in technology, BLS predicts that the employment rate for UX/UI designers will grow at a rate of 14% between 2018 and 2028. 

If you’re looking to get into the UI field, consider taking a Bootcamp, as is recommended by Website Design Newcastle, a large part of whose team comprises UX/UI designers skilled through bootcamps.

A Bootcamp is an instructor-led technical training program that equips all the technology and skills necessary to get employment. A UX/UI Bootcamp will improve your design skills. 

With these, you can get employed in a design/branding agency, tech company, media company, or anywhere that requires user design and experience skills. In this article, we’ll list some of the best UX/UI Bootcamps out there that will land you a job in 2020.


Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp

If you want to go from a beginner to a market-ready UX/UI developer, then you might consider signing up for Ironhack. They are a full-fledged design tutoring company, providing both online and offline bootcamps. This is great for people who want the flexibility of online mode and physical group interaction of in-person bootcamps.

You can start by taking their UX/UI course that is designed to get you familiar with the basic concepts of design thinking, interaction design, and UI coding. This is a 40-hour long online course and covers HTML and CSS. Then you can jump to UX/UI Design Bootcamp and Web Development Bootcamp to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of design.

You’ll be learning from Edu Huerta, who holds a Master’s Degree in Interaction Design and over 15 years of industry-relevant experience.

In-person training bootcamps are available at selected cities, including Madrid, Miami, Barcelona, Berlin, Mexico City, and Paris.

Their courses start from $12,000 for American residents. For women, Ironhack offers a 10% concession.

Springboard UI/UX Design Career Track

Springboard is among the few design tutoring companies that offer a Job guarantee once you complete their online bootcamps and courses. The courses can be completed in 6 to 9 months. The teaching team at Springboard will compel you to create a portfolio of real-world projects that employers will be interested in.

The UX Career Track, which is a part-time mentorship course, is the perfect bootcamp for you if you’re a working professional and want to switch to design. You need to devote 5-6 hours per week for three months, and Springboard will ensure you get placed somewhere through their placement support. Since there is one-on-one mentorship support from industry experts, you’ll get guidance on how to prepare for the interviews and crack them.

When it comes to fees, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. This is great for those who can’t pay the surplus amount upfront. The monthly fees start at $1,490 per month.

If you don’t get placed within six months of completing the course, Springboard will refund your entire fees.

General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive

General Assembly is an online workshop for software engineering covering its sub-domains like UX design, data science, and web development. If you want to become a UX design specialist, you should look forward to their User Experience Design Immersive Bootcamp.

This online bootcamp that is geographic-specific (designed for a particular city in collaboration with a local agency) will equip you with the latest techniques used in the UX industry. You’ll be guided by experts with over ten years of experience in the field of design. Along the course, you’ll be building projects that companies look for. Not only that, but the career coaches will also guide you through the goal-setting and interview process.

The entire bootcamp is priced around 10,000 USD, which you can pay with financing support. Its massive roster of hiring partners, which include tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Airbnb, will make sure you receive employment soon after you graduate.

Interaction Design Foundation – UX Bootcamp

IDF started way back in 2002 to help learners gain expertise in the field of UX design specifically. They offer open-source, open-access resources in their literature section. These cover everything you need to know about design. Their open-source book collection is also something you should be looking at.

IDF offers a career guidance series that will make you a market-ready UX professional. UX bootcamp that they organize four to five times a year is the ideal place to start. Priced at $1,182, the practical-driven Bootcamp will have you create real-life projects in the form of an interactive website.

You’ll be working alongside a mentor and can enjoy one-to-one interaction for faster results. The subscription will be valid for one year within which you should try to secure a job.

Careerfoundry – UX Design Program

Careerfoundry is a premium UX design bootcamp provider that guarantees a job upon completion. It claims almost 97% of their alumni have received employment. 

The UX Bootcamp starts with the fundamentals of user experience and then goes deep into technical analysis of your design. You’ll start building projects from the third or fourth week itself. Throughout your learning path, you would receive mentorship and career support from industry professionals.

The bootcamps are limited to 25 people at a time, and they don’t require a tech degree to sign up. To get started, you can try out their free UX design short course.

While other providers bundle UX and UI design, Careerfoundry offers them separately in a specialized format and charges $6,550 for each. You can also choose to pay monthly $550. But with the job guarantee in place and specialized content, the bootcamps from Careerfoundry is definitely worth it.

UX/UI Courses

When taking up online education, you should understand the difference between a Bootcamp and a course. A Bootcamp, by definition, is an instructor-led project-based technical program that focuses more on creating a real-world product by the end of the session. 

A course, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily instructor-led. While you’ll be learning from an experienced instructor, he/she won’t look at your progress the same way a Bootcamp instructor would. Put it another way, online courses are self-paced, and you’re on your own. And moreover, online courses don’t guarantee a job. They will award you a certificate that you can show to the employer, but unfortunately, most of them aren’t recognized.

Nonetheless, you should sign up for UX/UI online courses if your primary purpose is learning and getting familiar with the concepts. The best places to find these courses are:


Coursera, which advertises itself as one of the largest worldwide online learning platforms, offers dozens of UX courses online. These are offered by top universities like the California Institute of Arts, University of Michigan, and Georgia Institute of Technology. You can sort the courses by duration, skill level, and duration. There are also a few specialization courses. Taking up the courses are entirely free, but you’d need to pay for the certification.


Udemy is another popular platform to learn UX trends from educators and industry professionals. There are more courses on Udemy compared to that on Coursera. The best thing we noticed about this platform is its cost-effectiveness. The courses are cheap and almost a bargain for the quality content they have. We recommend these courses if you’re already working in the tech field and want to gain knowledge on UX design.

The Wrap Up

To become a top UX/UI designer, the most important thing you need is grit and passion. The rest will be taken care of by the Bootcamp instructors, and you’ll most probably land a job even before the completion.