Best Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your Page Rank

Best Backlink Checker Tools to Boost Your Page Rank

The biggest problem content creators face is that Google continually changes its algorithm to rank websites more efficiently. As a result, what you were doing one year ago might no longer be as effective in ensuring your page comes up high in the search results. But one thing that stood the test of time is the backlink.

The concept is simple; when other websites link to your site, it gives you credibility. It tells Google that your website is useful for others.

Naturally, it would help if you had a big focus on building your backlinks through campaigns. But how do you know that they are working as expected? compiled a list of some fantastic paid and free backlink checker tools that can determine the effect of your backlink campaigns.


Ahrefs is one of the most popular backlink checkers. The talent of this backlink checker comes from the fact that you can do detailed research on your competitors. See what kind of keywords they are using to generate organic traffic to their website. 

To top that odd, it also has an amazing site explorer tool. This gives you access to the complete performance of a backlink over time. See which backlinks have become disconnected, or become intersected. This will allow you to improve your campaign and reach out to the websites to give correct backlinks.

The tool also gives you notifications on when you lose or gain backlinks, which will allow you to take necessary action on time to keep your search engine ranking consistent.

The only problem is that there is no free version of the tool, and no free trial either. The trial costs you $7 for seven days, after which you can move on to the paid version if you wish. But you get quality analysis on your backlinks, your campaign strategy, and the price is incredibly reasonable.

Price: Paid 7 day trial – $7 trial

$99-999 per month afterward, depending on the plan. The annual payment plan comes at a discounted price.


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SEMRush is not an exclusive backlink checker, but a complete suite of tools for your marketing needs including keyword rank checking. One of the features of the tool is the backlink checker, which you can utilize for domain analysis. 

The strength of this tool is that you can get a complete list of domains that are referencing your backlinks, including which of them have do-follow enabled, if any of the backlinks are terminated, backlinks which have an anchor text attached, etc. On a much deeper level, you can see which country the backlinks originated from.

The competitor analysis allows you to see how your competitors are building their backlink profiles, and what actions you need to take to gain new links. Plus, they have an excellent free trial.

Price: Starts from $99. A free trial is available.


LinkMiner is exclusively for the backlinks, unlike SEMRush. You can see backlink analysis, including new, terminated, detected, and following details. For competitor analysis, this tool allows you a unique ability to favorite any backlink. This way, you can easily find a list of all the backlinks created by your competitor, and implement the same for your strategy.

LinkMiner is excellent for tracking any backlinks that need to fix. The favorite feature also works for your backlinks, so you can create a link of links that have been severed and then fix them. This tool does not have as many features as Ahrefs and SEMRush, but this is much cheaper than either of those tools.

But considering you will get access to all the tools from Mangools along with this tool, your paid plan will pay off. You need to create a Mangools account to connect with the LinkMiner tool. This gives you access to SiteProfiler, which provides you with a domain analysis.

Price: Free trial for ten days.

$29 per month, which includes paid tools from Mangools.


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Ubersuggest is a tool that researches keyword, but it also has an excellent backlink option. The feature works pretty much the same way as the other tools we have mentioned. See all lost, new, nofollow, and dofollow links, understand the traffic directed to your website and get high performing keywords for your specialized content all at the same place.

The free version of the tool gives you limited access to the backlink checker. You get much less detail than the paid version of the tool for any domain. For complete access to the tool, you can access the paid version, which is pretty cheap.

Price: Starts from 29€/month

We suggest that you test out the free version to get a sense of what you get from the tool. After this, you can access the pro version for $29 per month. The yearly cost is $290, which is a discounted price.

If you don’t like the tool, you can ask for a cancellation within 30 days and get a money-back guarantee.


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BuzzSumo is a pretty excellent tool for competitor analysis. It is used by a range of businesses. Get all the intel on your competitor and ideas for creating high demand content that will attract traffic, as well as getting information on your backlink campaigns.

Search for the keywords or domains you are researching. This will give you the most searched content of that domain. You can then look for the backlinks leading up to that piece of content. You can do the same by searching through URLs, which gives you a good idea of which posts are the highest performer on your competitor’s site. 

The backlink tool is quite simple for when you need competitor intel to increase traffic for your website. There are convenient filtering options to see backlinks dating back to the past five years.

Price: Starts from $ 99 /mo

The basic version of the tool is free.

For analyzing backlinks in more in-depth, you have to get the pro version, which starts from $99 per month. The annual subscription fee is $79 per month, which is a 20% discount for paying upfront.


So, this was our list of the best backlink checker you must give a try. Rest assured, these tools will definitely help you in improving SEO ranking.

Try these now, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below!