Great WordPress Instagram Plugins

5 Great WordPress Instagram Plugins for Sharing Your Feed

Instagram went from a startup social media platform to a giant field of online business. Over a billion people use Instagram every month, with a flame increasing rate. With the best suited Instagram plugins, you can bring many people to your feed with the contribution of the WordPress site. 

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the five best Instagram plugins. You can share your feed on the WordPress website using the unique features of these plugins. First, let’s discuss why you may feel the need to share your meal on your website. 

Why you might share Instagram feed on your website?

From an aesthetic standpoint, adding a feed to your WordPress site can work very beneficially. Some of the best Instagram plugins allow you to share your feed with a very minimalist approach. 

Your audience won’t even get that they are looking for a social media post until they click on it. 

A very compelling reason to share your Instagram posts on your WordPress site is to increase your followers’ number. If you have many followers on social media (Instagram), you can take leverage and convert the audience into customers by enhanced brand identity. You can also enhance your posts by images.  

Sharing your Instagram feed is also beneficial when coming page speed optimization. Since you don’t host the images on your website, they don’t impact the loading time of these posts. 

Furthermore, the benefit from the synergy between WordPress and Instagram can improve your online business’s promotion. 

Thus, if you are interested in some online encouragement of some company, product, or brand, you will have to hold onto any best Instagram plugin. The Aloha Shots game took the step and they have been reaping the rewards.

Let’s begin with a list of 5 sizzling plugins that will make your mood!

Social Feed Gallery

best Instagram plugin

Social Feed Gallery is the best Instagram plugin when it comes to customization. You can link multiple profiles to set up a dynamic and unique feed for your site by using this plugin. 

Every post gets its shortcode, and you can customize from different styles of showcasing your images. It doesn’t matter which type of gallery you use; you can choose the number of columns for your feed and the photos you want to display. 

Moreover, You can limit your posts on the WordPress site to using specific hashtags by using this handy feature of this plugin. You get the choice to share some of your selected content on your WordPress site instead of the full Instagram profile. 

Social Feed Gallery doesn’t require a complicated authentication procedure. You can link an account to your WordPress site only by giving access to a specific Instagram plugin.

10Web Social Photo Feed

Great WordPress Instagram Plugins

If you are a user that has a massive backlog of Instagram posts, 10Web Social Photo Feed is your best shot. By setting up this plugin, you can provide the visitors with a system that allows them to browse through images using a category system of hashtags.  

This system works better if you aim to use your Instagram account to show off your profile as a replacement for a scattered photos gallery. This plugin also allows you to display posts in one of the two different styles for sharing feed. It also has a lightbox feature. 

Moreover, if you want a more specific approach to which photos you have to display, this plugin comes with a conditional filtering system. This feature enables you to precisely choose which images will be shared on your WordPress site. 

Additional features of 10Web include the social sharing buttons, transition effects for your posts, and the quality to display Instagram comments with the lightbox displays.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Great WordPress Instagram Plugins

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is a unique and dynamic Instagram plugin that will allow you to combine feeds from different accounts into a single post on your website. 

This functionality is ideal for niche or news websites where you wish to share your visitors’ latest happenings. If you think you might also need to rejig the whole website to make this happen, here are a few Business themes to get you going.

Furthermore, Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed offers you full control over the appearance of your feed. You can decide from the multiple preset sizes of images and then manually customize the height, width, and number of photos in your post. 

Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

Great WordPress Instagram Plugins

Spotlight is a beautiful Instagram plugin that lets you forget that you are looking at a feed. You can use this plugin to share posts in a manner that makes them look similar to any other photo gallery on your website. This approach is useful if you want to display images rather then uploading them on your WordPress site.

If this isn’t enough, you can also insert an account header into your feed. Spotlight allows you to customize every portion of your feed, including the number of columns, height, width, and text size. 

You can connect multiple Instagram accounts with your WordPress site, and share feeds through widgets and shortcodes. You can find fantastic border images concepts to make your website even better after adding that Instagram feed!

Feed Them Social

Great WordPress Instagram Plugins

Feed Them Social is not only an Instagram feed plugin; instead, you can share feed from several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. 

If you are searching for a single plugin that fits all social media platforms to allow you to share your feed on your WordPress site, then Feed Them Social is your best option. The only step back is that this plugin doesn’t offer many customization features for your posts.

Instagram feeds from this plugin use the simple design of a gallery that will mesh better with most of the themes. You can insert a button as Load More to allow visitors to keep browsing through your photos without leaving your WordPress site.


Get going with more traffic and more involvement from your traffic on your website with a simple addition of your Instagram feed to the site using one of these tools. You will definitely love the results.